Walking tour through Prague was met with an intense downpour of rain during their first official day of the tour. Castle gargoyles for the turned into numerous waterfalls, drenching nearby tourist in their path. Students huddled in groups of three, squeezing under whatever umbrella their bandmate happened to have/purchased in order to spare themselves from the continuous rain. Definitely not in California anymore.
The group received a respite from the downpour as they entered into the awe-inspiring cathedral of the castle. Attentions were immediately drawn upward towards the immaculate stained glass windows depicting biblical scenes and historical events. Even if it was for a few moments, students forgot they were soaked to the bone and basked in greatest of the hall. They made their way onto the cobblestones of Prague to walk across the famous Charles Bridge. Students dispersed throughout the city and Yelped their way through lunch, sampling a traditional goulash or finding the newest vegan restaurant.
That same day, the ensemble performed their first concert at the Salesian Theater in Prague. Gladly out of their soaked clothes from the day’s adventure, the students took to their assigned tasked and hustled throughout the theater, unloading equipment, setting up chairs, and making sure they were prepared for the evening’s concert.
After a wonderful concert, the group was cheered on to perform two more encore pieces. They were also greeted by two familiar faces in the crowd, Dr. and Mrs. Wisbey! It was a warm reception from our La Sierra University family! Dr. Wisbey beamed as he thanked both the audience and the ensemble members for their time together, wishing the La Sierra ensemble success as they

Photos provided by Jonathan Thomas: