Visiting Tulln, Austria was a wonderful mixture of music, food, and games. The ensemble was warmly greeted by the Mayor of Tulln, celebrating the fact that the ensemble hailed from California and housed a very famous Austrian. The concert proceeded their weekly Sunday festival of food and music. The concert featured student conductors and student chamber ensembles. Vocal major Anthony León respectfully sang Ave Verum Corpus, many of the audience members smiled and sat contently, allowing the music to wash over them. The audience gave the group a double-encore after their lively concert. Jonathan Young (accounting major) gives his reflection below:

“Out of all the places we stayed at, my favorite would probably have to be the city of Tulln, Austria. Tulln is a smaller city compared to the other ones we visited but that is actually the reason I liked it. It was much less crowded and took a different pace for the tour. Not only that it was a very beautiful place and is next to the Danube River, Europe’s second longest river. Tulln provided some relaxation to the trip allowing us to do things at our own pace for the day.

Aside from the cities and venues the trip was pretty fun. Honestly with the group of people that we had, we could have gone practically anywhere and I still think that it would have been pretty awesome.”