Saturday July 1, 2017 – Musicians play around in museum palace that Mozart performed in
Students sat a little bit taller in the museum seats as they were informed that the very hall they were rehearsing in was also featured in the film Amadeus. Oh, and Mozart performed there as well. During the rehearsal, Julie Narducci couldn’t stop thinking that “Mozart may have sat in the very chair I’m in now! I cannot believe we are doing a concert in this place.” Millicent Enriquez, describes the palace concert experience “humbling to know that we are in the same place that Mozart performed in.” “The hall was very beautiful and breathtaking,” expressed Daniel Ramos, “The acoustics of the whole place was amazing because the chords would last forever and you could hear everything. It was like we gave a concert to ourselves because we could hear everything.” Anthony Leon, one of the student composers featured on this trip, performed his piece Tus Ojos and expressed that “it was intimidating and surreal to have a piece I composed performed in a place with such rich history. It’s always humbling to work with great musicians and our group of 35 sounded like 200 with the acoustics of the room. I feel grateful to receive this opportunity, to represent our university, and to share this experience with my peers.” Michaela Reid glowed about “the great opportunity and honor to attend La Sierra University, an institution that provides me access to perform in places of music legends. It is crazy to know that young musicians such as ourselves could receive this kind of opportunity. #gotoLaSierra.”