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OPERA AT LA SIERRA presents The Magic Flute

OPERA AT LA SIERRA proudly presents Mozart’s The Magic Flute this season. There will be four performances held in La Sierra University’s Hole Memorial Auditorium:

  • Saturday, February 24, 2018, 7:00pm
  • Sunday, February 25, 2018, 3:00pm
  • Saturday, March 3, 2018, 7:00pm
  • Sunday, March 4, 2018, 3:00pm

OPERA AT LA SIERRA is a professional training component offered by the La Sierra University Vocal Program.  It is designed to develop students’ vocal and dramatic interpretative powers through practical experience on select musical theatre or operatic repertoire. The opera program annually presents a fully-staged production of an opera, operetta, or musical theatre work with orchestral accompaniment.

Our team strives to show that opera is enjoyable for all audiences. If you are already a fan of the opera, enjoy the beautiful music performed by our highly talented young musicians. If you are new to the opera, this would be the perfect time to discover the experience of aural and visual art combined with our production.

Opera at La Sierra provides wonderful and enjoyable performances for the community and beyond. Our mission is to reach out to diverse audiences to promote classical music and enrich people’s lives in the process. We continually strive to make opera accessible to all while maintaining a high artistic level of performance. OPERA AT LA SIERRA is directed by Dr. Raejin Lee, Director of Vocal Studies. She is joined by Dr. Dean Anderson, Director of Orchestra studies, Mr. Shane Wood, Stage Director, and Ms. Sara Pinto da Silva, Stage Manager.
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Setting is Egypt and the realms of Sarastro and the Queen of the Night in legendary times.


Running from a monster, Tamino faints as it nears him. Three veiled Ladies save Tamino’s life by killing the creature and then hope the handsome youth can be of service to their ruler, the Queen of the Night. Reviving from his faint, Tamino sees Papageno, a bird catcher.  Tamino identifies himself as a prince, and Papageno boasts that he himself killed the monster.  On their return, the Three Ladies punish Papageno for lying and give Tamino a portrait of the Queen’s daughter, Pamina. He instantly falls in love with her.  The Queen of the Night appears and entreats the prince to save Pamina from Sarastro, who abducted her. To protect Tamino on his quest to free Pamina, the Three Ladies present him with a magic flute. In addition, Papageno, given a gift of magic bells, and Three Spirits will accompany the prince on his journey.

Monostatos, a slave of Sarastro, captures Pamina who has escaped from his master’s palace. However, Papageno enters and frightens Monostatos away. Overjoyed to hear that her mother sends help, Pamina waits for Tamino to set her free.

The Spirits lead Tamino to three temples where voices urge him to turn back when he tries to enter two of them.  From the third temple the Speaker emerges.  He tells Tamino that the Queen of the Night has deceived him and that the prince will only learn the truth when he becomes a member of the brotherhood.

Papageno and Pamina search for Tamino, but soon they are captured by Monostatos and other slaves.  Using his magic bells, Papageno enchants his captors, and they dance away.  When Sarastro and his court arrive, Pamina confesses that she tried to escape. Monostatos leads in Tamino, and the prince and Pamina embrace.  Incensed, Monostatos demands a reward for preventing Pamina’s flight. Sarastro instead punishes the slave for his lustful advances toward the girl and orders Tamino and Papageno to undergo the trials of the temple.





Sarastro asks his priests to extend their brotherhood to Tamino.  If successful with his trials, Tamino will help the temple defend itself against the Queen of the Night who seeks its destruction. Two priests prepare Tamino and Papageno for the trial of silence, and the Three Ladies try unsuccessfully to convince the pair to return to their mission for the Queen.

Monostatos attempts to kiss the sleeping Pamina but is frightened off by the Queen of the Night.  She gives her daughter a dagger and before leaving commands Pamina to kill Sarastro.  After overhearing this plot, Monostatos once again tries to force himself on Pamina.  However, Sarastro rescues Pamina from the slave’s advances. Angrily Monostatos throws his support to the Queen.  Sarastro explains to Pamina that in his realm there is no vengeance, and all are bound by love.

Tamino and Papageno continue their trials.  The bird catcher meets an old woman who introduces herself as his future wife.  When Pamina finds Tamino, she is saddened when the prince, still under a vow of silence, refuses to speak to her.

Because of his cowardice, Papageno fails the trials.  Magically the old woman changes into a young girl, Papagena.  A priest prevents Papageno and Papagena from embracing and tells the bird catcher that he is still unworthy of a wife.

Pamina is determined to commit suicide because of Tamino’s silence, but the Three Spirits lead her to her beloved.  Reunited, Tamino and Pamina triumphantly undergo the trials of fire and water.

Papageno, searching for Papagena, decides to hang himself when he cannot find her. However, when Papageno uses his magic bells, Papagena appears and the two happily contemplate family life.

Conspiring, The Queen of the Night, the Three Ladies, and Monostatos join to destroy the temple, but they are foiled in their attempt.  In triumph, Sarastro and his followers hail Tamino and Pamina.


Daphne León as PAMINA

Holly Hayton and Leilani Kritzinger as THE QUEEN OF THE NIGHT

Anthony León as TAMINO

Glaucia Monteiro and Rena Maduro as PAPAGENA

Stephan Norsat as PAPAGENO

Gisele Njoh Njoh THE PRIEST

Jessica Archuleta, Jaime Reza, and Devon Hun as THE MEN IN ARMOR

Natalyn Rodríguez as SARASTRO

Jaime Reza and Devon Hunt as MONOSTATOS

Raejin Lee as LADY 1

Jamine Khorsandi and Leilani Kritzinger as LADY 2

Lexi Escobar as LADY 3

Iman Haq, Amelie Kritzinger, and Rena Maduro as SPIRIT 1

Julissa Ramirez and Karenna Brand as SPIRIT 2

Sarah Gediman and Lia Kritzinger as SPIRIT 3